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Thor; Fandral/Loki And Baby Makes Trouble

For norsekink .

Pairing: Fandral/Loki
Prompt: Fandral has to tell Thor he's knocked up his little brother.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I hold no claim to anything Thor related, especially Loki as only Loki can own Loki. Same for Sif.
And now he was going to be one of those foolish people.Collapse )


DS9 Fic, The Ubiquitous Red

Another for dark_fest ! When I started this I hadn't intended for it to be Bashir/Garak, nor had I really planned on the latter really being mentioned at all. Obviously my subconscious demands the Cardassian, who knew. 

(Also, points if you find the two puns in the story. The hell is wrong with me?)

Title: The Ubiquitous Red
Author: aseret_kitsune
Fandom: Star Trek: DS9
Characters/Pairings: Bashir/Garak, Kukalaka
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: Blood, insanity
Prompt: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, batshit!insane Julian Bashir; blood pouring out of the replicator.
Summary: Strange things have been happening to the good doctor and he slowly unravels.

For a second all the noise around him seemed to dim and the drip drip drip became the only thing he could hear. Collapse )


DS9 Fic, Stuffed Doctor

So, a sequel to Homesick Possession. This one is a bit more...bloody. Yeah, go figure. This one has actual dialogue. And yes, I do consider the title of this a bad pun. Very bad pun.

Title: Stuffed Doctor
Rating: PG-13 (?)
Warnings: Sentient teddy bear, dark themes, insanity, character death, blood.
Summary: Don't worry, Doctor, your patient will take care of you.


Julian looked down and saw the creature from his nightmares.Collapse )

DS9 Fic, Homesick Possession

So, I'm gonna go ahead and say this is the dark version of Toy Story. Also, this did not head in the direction I was expecting it to. It was originally for dark_fest , but this doesn't quite meet the prompt so I will be doing up another one here shortly that does actually fit the prompt. In the meantime, enjoy Kukalaka going insane.

Name: Homesick Possession
Rating: PG-13 (?)
Prompt:  Kukalaka is deeply disappointed in Julian, and tells him as much.
Warnings: Sentient teddy bear, dark themes, insanity
Summary: Kukalaka doesn't like being away from his Julian for too long. After all, homesickness is fatal to teddy bears.


The stocking was shocked right out of him when he learned that Julian was in Elim Garak’s quarters.Collapse )

You can read the sequel here.
So, my first fic for Star Trek: DS9. In fact, the first fanfic I've written in over a year. Enjoy, hopefully, and feel free to drop a comment or suggestion.

Title: I Have Touched the Heavens and am Cold Without Their Embrace
Pairings: Kira/Odo, Bashir/Ezri, Bashir/Garak
Genre: General, Wistful
Rating: PG
Summary: Kira waits and waits and waits while Julian waits and waits and acts.
Word Count: 1,312


She wondered how time passed for Odo in the link.Collapse )


DS9 Icons

Over a year since this journal was used, putting it to good use now with some Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Icons.

I like Bashir/Garak and Odo/Kira, can you tell?Collapse )

Some More BoG Icons

Here again with more icons. This batch is more Jimmy and Chazz oriented, specifically Chazz/Jimmy.

These are the men in tights I'm interested in.Collapse )

Negativity [A Psych fanfiction]

Okay, so I need something nice, humorous, and nothing full of bigotry. After going on a bit of a rant about gaylisted music , here, I am here to post a short, Shawnstar/Lassilicious Psych fic.  Hope someone enjoys.

Rating: PG, close to PG-13
Words: 619
Paring: Shawn/Lassiter (Shassy)
Summary: The spirits have a lot to say, apparently.
Warnings: Slash, slight crack, the spirits, and that’s about it.